Upotenial is founded by us, Catrin Eriksson and Marianne “Maja” Marescotti. We have a genuine passion in people and their future journeys. We are on a mission and together we’ll contribute to a world full of passionate and healthy people!

January 2019, not knowing each other yet, we were both looking for a place to develop our mental fitness skills, something new and exciting that would inspire us to reach further. Neither one of us could find anything that even remotely represented what we were hunting for.

Fate had it and we accidently ran into each other. The stars were right and magic happened. We knew right there and then that coming together with our energy, stubbornness and drive could make a true difference in people’s lives. Said and done, we started building Upotential – the gym for mental fitness!

Our foundation is based on the belief that people have much more potential than what they imagine and that everyone can live a meaningful life – but it takes hard work.

Mental fitness training will make a true difference in people’s lives! 

We decided that we had to create the best mental fitness concept in the world. To do this we’ve put together the best from coaching, psychology, sports and business in a unique level based mental fitness training program. 

Our goal is to create a movement for all curious, passionate, lifelong learnes – who simply understand the power of becoming mentally fit. We want as many people as possible to work on their mental fitness skills and live the life of their dreams.

Through Upotential we’re creating a platform for people who:

    • Love to meet other human beings and value differences in people
    • Are curious about exploring themselves, life and the world
    • Have an open mind and want to develop continuously during life
    • Consider health and wellbeing as one of humanity’s strongest weapons

We strive to give you, and all people in our mental fitness training program and our members club, the best possible tools to develop yourself so that you can reach your best version. We know this means hard work and requires training on a regular basis. And in the end it will always be up to you, a tough job, but you’re not alone we are ready to be your friend on this journey! Passion, curiosity and action are now our guiding principles in life. Are you curious to find yours?