Upotential was founded in Sweden by an ex professional tennis player and an Ironman finisher. The founders felt that something was off in the discussions around mental health. Instead of focusing on what can be done proactively to avoid mental health problems, too much focus had been put on reactive treatment.

It was time to find a solution that would inspire people to proactively train their brain, mind, and emotions – before the problems occur. It was time to make mental fitness simple, accessible, and inspiring!

The Gym for Mental Fitness was born out of the vision of making the world a healthier and a more fun place to live in, by building a global arena for ambitious people where mental training would be a natural part of their daily lives, just like any other gym where you train your body. A place where people could go to dream big, create goals, discover themselves while also working on their mental wellbeing – because these things are linked to each other!

The next addition to the team was an expert within the field, with a PhD of Sport Psychology. Together this trio has gathered the best tools from Sport & Performance Psychology and Coaching and created a concept of science based mental workouts designed to fit everyone who wants to develop and improve performance and mental wellbeing.

Our mission is to challenge and inspire you and be your friend on your biggest adventure – your life!

Dream Big & Keep Going!

The founders


“I love to challenge my body through various sports and physical adventures! This curiosity and drive has made me reach accomplishments I never thought possible. When I did my Ironman I was prepared to the teeth, physically in top shape. But what really made the difference and what made me smile that last part of running a marathon was my mental toughness. I could never have done it without being in mental shape. And if I can do it, others can too! Now, I use all my stubbornness, focus and curiosity to actualize my dream by spreading the power of mental fitness and thereby contribute to a more healthy and passionate world!”

Catrin has among other achievements finished an Ironman, 4 x marathons, 1 x “en svensk klassiker”, 6 x Vasaloppet one of the longest cross-country ski races in the world, 2 x Marcialonga.


“As a former professional tennis player I was never the best technically or the strongest physically, but my winner mentality and my mental toughness took me really far. However, what I didn’t understand at the time was that in order to reach the stars and perform at the highest level for a long time, you need to cure your passion and recognize what effects the other parts of your life will have on your life. To reach the top, it’s simply not enough to only focus on performance; you need a deeper understanding of yourself and who you are. Now, older and wiser I will use all my mental power to build the most innovative and cool mental fitness gym in the world – so that ambitious people everywhere will have a place to train their mental fitness regularly”.

Maja reached a WTA ranking of 283 in singles, has won the Swedish championships 15 times (singles, doubles, junior) and finished her career off with a great college career representing UNLV; where among other achievements she was elected National Rookie of the year, Nevada Woman of the Year and her schools most valuable athlete two times, elected hall of fame 2008.


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