Upotenial is founded by us, Catrin Eriksson and Marianne “Maja” Marescotti. We have a genuine passion in people and their future journeys. We also have one more thing in common – we both have a burning interest in sports and health. We are on a mission and together we’ll contribute to a world full of passionate and healthy people!

Catrin loves to challenge her body through various sports and physical adventures; her achievements include everything from Ironman, marathons to one of the longest cross-country ski races in the world, “Vasaloppet”

Maja is a former professional tennis player and among other achievements she has won the Swedish championships 15 times. Right now she’s battling some injuries and at the same time works hard to become a great paddle player.

Two years ago, we began to reflect on our lives and seriously question what our future would look like if we didn’t dare to change. We both felt we had far more to give, career wise and in life. It was time to change direction – but how do you really do that and where do you start?

We began a journey and this time everything was different.

Coming from the world of sports we already knew that by being strong technically and physically, you can go far, really far. But to reach the stars, you definitely need a strong mind and the right mindset. This time we were forced to focus on our inner journey to help us identify our passion and hidden potential – all on our own. Luckily we had access to powerful tools and methods, to us completely new.

We realized that we had to make all these wonderful tools available to everyone! At least to anyone curious about him- or herself, looking to make any form of change.

On our journey, two of our most valuable findings were that you have to dig within yourself to find your way forward – and that it takes hard work and regular training to reach your desired state. Being mentally strong is simply put a lifestyle – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Through Upotential we’re creating a platform for people who:

    • Love to meet other human beings and value differences in people
    • Are curious about exploring themselves, life and the world
    • Have an open mind and want to develop continuously during life
    • Consider health and wellbeing as one of humanity’s strongest weapons

We strive to give you, and all members of our Academy and Club, the best possible tools to develop yourself so that you can reach your best version. We know this means hard work and requires training on a regular basis. And in the end it will always be up to you, a tough job, but you’re not alone we are ready to be your friend on this journey! Passion, curiosity and action are now our guiding principles in life. Are you curious to find yours?